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Online Chinese Classes Basic

Through our customized online Chinese classes we are keen on providing our students with the best possible solutions in online Chinese classes.  Below is the outline of the topics to be taught in our classes.

1) Sound and Tone Chart : Chinese is tonal language, much stress has to be given in the proper pronunciation of tones and sound-chart that will be provided to the student before hand. It is a chart that has all the possible sounds in Chinese language.

2) Basic sentence formation : Sentence structure will be taught in pinyin ( romanization of Chinese sounds) as well in Chinese characters. Sentences includes affirmative, negative, interrogative forms that would give you an idea how to start a conversation in Chinese.

3) 400-500 words : Students will be taught more than 400 chinese words with their meanings and proper usage. This is only for the Basic Level-1, more words will be taught in further course outline. Utmost importance is given in the chosen words to be taught that are used in day to day lives like days, months, year, numbers, names of different countries, adjectives, market terms, computer related terms.

4) Conversations At the Restaurant, At the Airport, At the market, etc : Students are provided with a format on how to have a conversation with a native Chinese, sentences are given with their pronunciation and meanings, specially for business professionals who plan to negotiate their Chinese counterpart.

5) Names of important Countries, colours, spicies, places, etc : Extra glossaries are given for general knowledge to have a basic understanding.

6) Proverbs and Idioms : Chinese use hundreds of proverbs and four-word compound in their daily lives. Our online Chinese classes provides with the most interesting and mostly used day-to-day proverbs which will highlight your presence in the crowd.

Studying online Chinese classes with Chonline not only gives you the benefit of learning a language at ease but also aims at providing you the best studying material.


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